Liquid Penetrant Testing - Level II

The NDT Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) Testing Level II training course will provide theory lectures and practical training to provide the candidate with a preliminary understanding of Liquid Penetrant test. The course will encourage group discussions around practical problems and provide field expertise on how to resolve them. At the end of this course the candidate will understand how to perform inspection of samples for liquid penetrant test. The course will cover :-

• Basic principles on liquid penetrant testing.
• Inspection and measurement of samples.
• Familiar with the scope and limitation of the method
• Introduction to ASTM and ASME standards and specifications.

At the end of the course, candidate will be appearing for a Level II exam. Each candidate will be a certified NDT PT Level II upon successfully clearing the examination.

How will you and your company benefit from this course?

Qualified to properly perform specific calibrations, specific NDT, specific evaluations for acceptance or rejection determinations according to written instruction and to record results. NDT Level II personnel will be authorized to carry out PT and report the test results.

What we will cover:

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) methods – Theory and Practical

Duration: 40 Hours (5 Days) with following topics for each day

Day 1

• Types of Discontinuities: Inherent, Processing and Service
• Principles of Penetrant Testing
• Surface Preparation of materials for inspection
• Materials and Equipment used
• Principles of Penetrant Testing
• Surface Preparation of materials for inspection

Day 2

• Method of assessing sensitivity and control testing
• Suitable Testing Techniques
• Testing Procedures

Day 3

• Detectability of defects
• Interpretation and reporting
• Post test procedure
• Safety Precautions

Day 4

• Basic Production Methods
• Casting and Welding Process
• Practical Materials and Equipment used
• Practical specific training

Day 5

• Codes and Standards
• Application of the method to the specific requirements of the Company
• Examination
• Examinations meeting SNT-TC-1A

Who Should Attend:

• High school Grade(12) or equivalent and min. work experience of 70 Hours
• Diploma Engineer or equivalent and min. work experience of 70 Hours
• Degree Engineer and experience is not mandatory.


• Theory and practical will taught by certified ASNT L-III
• Course is structured according to SNT-TC-1A
• This course consists of modules that include both classroom lectures and handout training.
• Course materials include visual aids and student handouts.
• A certificate will be issued upon successful performance of the examination

Pre-Course Requirements :

• The Candidate should have a minimum of High-school level education.
• Near vision Acuity and Color Contrast Differentiation should be performed annually (Section 8.2 of SNT- TC-1A, 2009).
• The examination will be in accordance with ASNT Std. SNT-TC-1A by ASNT Level III Professional.
• Candidates are encouraged to bring an electronic calculator. Programmable calculators are permitted as long as it does not have an alphanumeric keyboard. No other books, paper, or charts will be allowed.
• Candidates are permitted to use a translation dictionary. No electronic dictionaries will be allowed.


• Course syllabus may get change and/or modified to cover all necessary aspects of the technique if deem necessary;
• We can tailor the NDT training syllabus to satisfy the requirements of an individual Company’s specific written practice if requested;
• Company may need to arrange NDT equipment for practical training.

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