7. PCN Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Level III-welds

• PCN requirements for Level 3 approval
• Specifications/procedures and techniques
• Analysis of practical reports
• Theory and revision
• Analysis of procedures
• Procedure writing
• Mock examinations

In addition to the above course content, an on arrival mock up shall be conducted which comprises of 30 objective type questions. Based on the candidate performance in the on arrival mock up and the candidate’s profile, course program shall be designed.

Important note:

• To be eligible for a PCN Level 3 Main Method certification a candidate must already hold a PCN Level 3 Basic certificate, if not they need to successfully complete the PCN Level 3 Basic examination prior to enrolling for any Level 3 Main Method examinations.

• Candidates should ideally hold a PCN Level 2 approval (or other Level 2 certification to a qualifying body recognised and approved by PCN) in the same method/sector to which Level 3 certification is sought.

• Refer to the latest edition of PCN/GEN for the minimum requirements for examinations.

• Candidates wishing to participate on a PCN Phased Array (PAUT) Level 3 training course must currently hold a Level 3 certification in Ultrasonic Testing.

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