3. PCN Time of Flight Diffraction Level II

Flaw Sizing with the Pulse Echo Technique- Comparison of Flaw Sizing Accuracy for Different Techniques- Angular Variation of Diffraction Signals- Effect of Change in Probe Separation and Importance of Calibration with Lateral and Back Wall Signals- Change in Probe Separation-Importance of Calibration- Error due to Variations in Couplant Depth- Error due to Variations in Surface Profile- Velocity Error- Index Point Migration Errors- Other Errors- Multiple Arcs- Procedure Writing- Equipment and Probe Checks- Equipment Checks. - Screen Height Linearity-Amplitude Linearity- Time Base Linearity- Probe Index Emission Point- Beam Angle- Beam Spread- TOFD Combined Probe Delay- Sensitivity- Resolution- Probe Checks- Material Velocity Measurement- Probe Frequency- Probe Pulse Length.

All relevant equipment and training materials, stationeries, calculator, Safety shoes, protective Gloves, goggles will be provided by us.

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